Dana’s love of animals came quite early as a child rescuing baby birds and feeding them with syringes until they became strong enough. She grew up mainly with small parrots, lovebirds and budgies. Later on when my flatmates owned a couple of cats and dogs I found it easy to tune into their characters and quickly made friends with them. Dana has previously worked as a Reiki healer, massage therapist and dance teacher. She is now training to become a Pilates’ teacher. Dana dream is to combine her love of animals with teaching. She has a great deal of compassion and loves to care for large and small animals in equal measure

Amy is 24 years old and currently in her 4th year as a Veterinary Medical student. Animals have always been a big part of Amy’s life from having pet dogs and cats since childhood. Since the age of 9 she used to work weekends at many riding schools helping with lessons and mucking out stables.


Amy has worked at many vet practices such as Blythwood, Medivet and Park Vet Centre in Cassiobury. She has also  volunteered with National Animal Welfare Trust and Penniwells riding school for disabled and has enjoyed helping disabled children learn to ride. 

She enjoys fulfilling clients wishes and making sure their pets are well looked after, while their owners are away. Amy joined to SM Precious Pets as she enjoys being able to work with animals whilst being home from university. 

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David has always had a huge passion for dogs since he was a young child. He is an only child and a poodle was like his older brother! ​When that poodle passed away, another joined David as his younger “brother” and best friend. They went everywhere together, apart from school.

As an adult, David has had his own dogs and cats. At one time when his children were young, he had 3 golden retrievers, 2 Coton de Tuléar and 9 cats and they were one big happy family! Over the years, David has had lots of experience working with animals including; an incontinent cat, a nearly blind dog, a dog badly injured from an attack and pets needing regular medication. 

David is an experienced dog walker/sitter. He loves & cares for each pet as if they are his own. All the dogs he sits, walks or does drop-in visits for, are happy and excited to see him. We are extremely fortunate to have David join our team.



I have been passionate about animals from as far back as I can recall.  My school years and beyond were full of horses, dogs and cats.  I realised I had a great empathy for them and whilst working at Scott Dunns large animal veterinary practice as an animal care assistant, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience.  

During the 90s I worked in kennels and catteries and enjoyed the responsibility of caring for a large number of animals.  I also volunteered at the RSPCA and for the Cinnamon trust which resulted in the adoption of a most characterful Yorkie cross called Holly who blessed my life immensely. 

I have been pet sitting for over ten years now and I truly appreciate the deep bond we have with our beloved animals.  I realise how important it is to give each precious one the devoted attention and care they truly deserve and I always relish the task!



Beth grew up around dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and even a tortoise. At one stage her family had 9 cats and 5 dogs! She has always loved animals and is very caring and affectionate towards any pets in her care.

Beth has been pet sitting for over three years and has experience caring for a range of animals including cats, dogs and reptiles. She is experienced in dealing with larger dogs (such as Doberman) as well as small. She also has cared for dogs who need regular medication for health problems, rescue dogs who require a very gentle touch and have specific needs and puppies who require training. 

Beth is flexible and accommodating; she is able to offer holiday and day sits. She is very excited to join our team of pet lovers.

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Jane rescued her first dog, Olive, a terrier mix puppy, from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter in California in 1996.  During her eight years at the South L.A. shelter, she found new homes for more than 200 dogs. Jane's work was honoured by Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles with its Gold Heart Award for Community Service to Animals.

After returning to the UK in 2013, Jane volunteered as a groomer at The Stubbington Ark and The Cinnamon Trust, a national charity that matches volunteers with people who, through illness or disability, can no longer walk their own dogs, or take their pets to a vet or groomer. Jane also helps out at Battersea Dogs Home.


Jane’s experience working with so many pets with very different temperaments has given her a solid grounding in understanding pet behaviour. She is flexible, conscientious, and the comfort, safety and happiness of the pets in her care is paramount.

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I have a real connection with nature. I enjoy taking care of wildlife in my community supplementing their food, capturing injured Foxes and Fledgling Birds to get them help. In addition I am a qualified Animal Healing Therapist and have worked with a variety of Animals as part of my training from Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Exotic Parrots and rescue Snails and Bats. My specialism, if I must name one, is Rabbits. I adore Rabbits and was delighted when a neighbour asked me to look after their Rabbit while they went on holiday. Eventually I adopted two Rescue Rabbits and often help out, at the Little Furries Rabbit Rescue in Stanmore. That said, I love all animals and want to care for them equally.




When I was 11, my mum gave into all my nagging and she rescued my gorgeous dog Benji from the local rescue centre. From that day on he was like my best friend and I absolutely adored having him around.

When I had my son, I knew some day we would have to have pets in the house. When he was very young, we had a hamster but when he was diagnosed with autism at 4, I knew a bigger pet would help him. We decided to rescue our cat Chester from Cats Protection and we’ve never looked back. Chester helps us both every day and brings peace to the chaotic life we often lead.  


Since having Chester 6 years ago, I have gone ‘cat mad'!  Ihave started cat/pet sitting and dog walking.I treat all my pet customers like my own pets. I can’t go anywhere where there’s furry animals and not stop to ‘chat to them and stroke them,’ much to my son/boyfriends’ annoyance!! I am at my happiest when surrounded by animals so pet sitting is my dream job and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



I have grown up with dogs and was so insistent as a child to have one that my parents conceded and there the love affair began. We started with a poodle and then throughout my childhood had rescue dogs and cats.


I have dedicated my time to pet sitting professionally for many years. I am a dog lover and passionate about their welfare, health and happiness and appreciate that often they are happier in a familiar home environment when their owners are away versus a kennel. I have looked after and walked energetic Labradors, spaniels and collies and smaller dogs like Maltese terriers, Pomeranians and more senior dogs that prefer a slower paced walk.  I am fit and active so equally happy with an energetic dog or one that prefers a slower pace and or likes to be carried part of the way or simply prefers cuddles and company.


When not sitting, I also enjoy helping at a national dog rehoming centre which is a real privilege seeing dogs going to their forever homes.  I am very experienced with dogs and cats and have managed a broad range of behaviours offering both mental and physical stimulation techniques for puppies , adolescent and senior dogs.

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As a child, we always had pets at home including; cats, a budgie, a hamster even a tortoise!  My favourite childhood memory was of our black Labrador whom I remember regularly snuggling up to.  He gave so much love, comfort and joy and I still find myself thinking fondly of him.  He truly was very special to me and I believe that our pets are an extension of our family.


When my sons were young, we thought it would be nice for them to experience having a pet around and we found a dog on eBay!  His name was Pippin; he was a cross between a Border and Yorkshire Terrier; 10 months old and we loved him dearly. We now have a cat who is very special to us but I am always on the lookout for more pets to care for. This is why I enjoy working as a pet sitter. It gives me an opportunity to play, cuddle and care for animals.