Terms & Conditions

1 These terms and conditions set out an agreement between you and Steve & Martin’s Precious Pet Services Ltd .

2 You undertake to make a full disclosure of any quality and/or characteristic which might make your dog unsuitable for home sitting or walking, including, but not limited to behavioural and/or health problems , anti-social behaviour including aggression, incontinence /lack of housetraining and/or excessive loud barking/whining. Failure on your part to disclose any matter which might render your pet  unsuitable for home sitting and/or walking will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement. You will also be liable for additional costs if Steve & Martins Precious Pet Services experience difficulties due to failure to disclose in the booking form any matter that would be accepted as unreasonably unsuitable for home sitting or walking.

3 You agree to make all future bookings serviced by our sitters through Steve & Martin’s Precious Pet Services.

4 You will present the pet/s for sitting in a clean and groomed condition and with up to date vaccinations, de-flea and anti-worming treatments. You must provide us with vaccination booklet with information details of your pet/s when you join and /or upon request.

5 Reasonable efforts will be made to contact you or your named contact person in the event of an emergency. However, Steve & Martins Precious Pet Services Ltd reserves the right to make decisions regarding your pet/s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet, and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. If your pet/s becomes unwell, has an accident or injures themselves and/or seems to be in any type of pain, we might need to take them to a veterinary surgeon and you agree to be responsible for payment of all veterinarian fees incurred before you collect your pet. Where possible this will be carried out by the client’s usual /preferred vet.

6. All owners will initially talk to Mrs Julia Edrop,(the founder and owner of S&M Precious Pet Services) for the purposes of ensuring suitability and to answer any questions the pet owner may have concerning the services provided. 

7. Once your pet/s has been matched with a suitable sitter we will arrange for you and your pet/s to meet the sitter in  your home.

8. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the booking at this time. The remaining 50% must be paid 48 hours before a sitter sits for your pet. If forever whatever reason this is not done the booking will be cancelled.

9. For any overnight / holiday sits you will be charged a day rate rather than nightly rates for all live-in and boarding service.

10. We will endeavour to place your pet/s with the same sitter for future bookings if requested, but if not available will match you with another suitable sitter.

11. In the event of an emergency and/or force majeure if your sitter is unable to proceed we will endeavour to transfer the board to another sitter. In rare cases where no sitter is available, we will return your deposit in full within 48 hours of notification of this fact.

12. If you arrive home before the confirmed end date you will not receive a refund.

13. You agree to supply enough food for the duration of your pet/s stay. If insufficient food is supplied you agree to reimburse the sitter. Lead, collar, bedding will also need to be supplied.

14. All dogs must be microchipped and the microchip supplied to us.

15. You agree to keep us informed of any changes to your pet.

16. It is prudent to arrange with your household insurer to extend your policy to cover the house/pet sitter for the dates they will be in your home.

17. Keys ( for sitters that care for your pet in your home)

I have released a set of house keys : front door / back door

I agree that by signing this form this will indemnify Steve & Martins Pet Services in full against any liability arising from loss or damage to the property or its contents, in present and future circumstances.

18. Steve and Martin’s Pet Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss of pets that have access to an open cat flap.

19. Unless otherwise requested, we reserve the right to display photographs on our website and corresponding social media platforms.

20. For all holiday sits, a spare set of keys needs to be left with a nominated person that your sitter could contact in case of emergency.

21. If you have a camera activated in the home please deactivate this. As if activated is a breach of privacy for the sitter and goes against general data protection law.

Additional Terms and Condition

I hereby give Steve and Martin’s Precious Pet Services Ltd permission to take my dog(s) off lead in a save area away from traffic. I certify that, to my understanding, my dog(s) are trustworthy and have good recall. I realise that there are certain risks involved with off lead works and I will not hold Steve and Martin’s Precious Pet Services Ltd responsible in anyway should any harm befall my dogs.